Too Much Of A Good Thing 4810

“Holy Sinner” and “The Boy by the Creek” left Johnny a rattled mess and temporarily speechless after we walked out of the theater. “Christ, Scragg, your movie is excellent, but seeing you do some of that shit was unnerving. I couldn’t believe Maggie bared all and the violence was certainly visceral. Kevin’s flick is one of the darkest movies I’ve ever seen, and he played a role that he hadn’t done before. He’s good in it, and the ending surprised me. Man, I need some lighter fare now,” the little guy said. “I know what you mean,” I replied.

The crew went back to the farm, and we discussed the films with clearer heads. Paige told Paul that he should have pulled back some, which the director summarily dismissed. “It’s just a movie,” he replied. “Okay, I just gave you my honest opinion.” “Look, I understand that some of you were offended by the movie, which is okay, no film is for everyone,” Paul then added. “I know, it’s just that the films have taken a dark tone that is sometimes unsettling,” Paige said. “I agree,” Kevin replied in a somber tone. “What is this? They’re movies, nothing more,” Paul immediately reacted. “Exactly, and it’s not like the theme of the films were a surprise to anyone,” Jordan added. “You can make any movie you want, I’m merely stating my opinion,” Paige said. “We don’t need any negative word of mouth,” Jordan snapped. “I’m not going to say anything, Sir, I just stated my opinion,” Paige fired back. “Okay, let’s not get into a fight over flicks,” I stepped in. “I’m sorry, Paige, it’s just that everyone seems to be down on these films, which has me concerned,” Jordan said. “Jordan, I’m not into those kinds of film. I didn’t like “Cadaver” “Killing Cowboys” and “Short Fuse” I loved “The Guard” “Short Order” “Mop Up Man” and “Getting in Tune, ” I thought “Blood Relative” was incredible. Do you now see where I’m coming from,” my daughter asked. “Yes, and that’s fine,” Jordan replied.

I then spoke.

“There’s always a film in production around here, which is okay, but it’s a business, and we don’t want to saturate the market with intense flicks that wrack people’s nerves. We can do this because we have billionaires and connections that allow us to do so, but we also have to cognizant that we’re not making the same kinds of films at the same time. On the plus side, those three films are high quality and should do well. The radical film made down here is “Sunny in South Dakota” because it doesn’t have any sex, violence, or profanity, yet, it was a hit. That’s something to think about,” I said.

The crew agreed.

The film industry is a business like any other, and it requires careful analysis and creative thinking to be successful. We don’t operate like Hollywood down here; however, the business is still the same, which is to make money. In the future, a more coordinated effort needs to be in place to ensure that a certain genre isn’t overrepresented during any given time.

You can have too much of a good thing.

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An Assault On The Senses 4809

The grim entertainment continued this morning when Rory called me to ask Blake and me to come to the screening of his film, “Creeper” I couldn’t tell my buddy no and Blake felt the same way, so we said we would be there. Paige, Robin, and Maire also agreed to go but added they need a break after this one. “It shouldn’t be too bad, it’s about an online creep who taunts people, or something like that,” Paige said. “That’s what I heard, too,” Maire added. “Rory said it’s intense, but nothing that we couldn’t handle,” I chimed in. “Tabby said that Jordan told her that it was fairly mild,” Blake said. “Okay, it shouldn’t be too bad, and I know Rory gave a great performance.”

We met Johnny Deagan at the front of the entrance to the theater. He said that Stray is picking up Amelia and is going to take her out to dinner and then go to a movie. “He’s going on tour next week and wanted to spend some time with her. It’s going well, and she’s adapting nicely. Rory called me yesterday, but I was busy, so I decided to come down this morning,” he said. “That’s great, and I hope it continues that way,” I replied. “They’ll be rough spots, but we’re prepared,” he said with confidence. Barton then called us into the theater.

We couldn’t have been more wrong about “Creeper” and I thought Paige, Robin, and Bella might lose it. The film delivered scares and was well-acted and expertly directed from a believable script, but the content and constant aura of foreboding were a bit much. The flick delves into the twisted mind of an online predator who had lost touch with reality and is now acting out his fantasies. It also explores the lonely lives of those who make the internet their world with disastrous consequences. Rory plays a cop who works in the cyber division of the Cobb County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia and matches wits with the villain in the movie. As expected, he’s terrific and plays a computer savvy lawman with flair. The rest of the cast is also stellar. The suspenseful ending was truly chilling and jarred the audience. The movie is first-rate all the way, but the grim content combined with grisly violence and disturbing images left us all rattled. The films message of getting a life and living it without the aid of the internet certainly made its impact, but enough is enough. “I’m not doing this anymore, Daddy,” Paige said. “Neither am I,” Robin added. Johnny said he enjoyed the movie, but the full-bore approach was too much. “Wow, that was unreal,” he added.

We gave the film a thumbs up and praised Rory for his impressive performance. Paul, knowing that some people were rattled, said that it’s a horror movie and that’s the idea. Not wanting to argue, we all let it go.

I then saw Piper sitting with her father wearing a somber look.

The young lady was obviously expecting something a tad tamer and looked overwhelmed by the film’s unrelenting intensity. “I wasn’t expecting something brutal,” she replied when asked what she thought of the film. “You wanted it scary,” Paul said. “It was creepy and unsettling. I was hoping for more humor,” she replied. “I don’t do humor,” Paul replied. “I see that.” “Good, this is what we’re going with.” “Go for it,” Piper screamed.

It looks like the film touched a nerve in the young lady.

Outside, I walked over to Piper and asked if she was okay. She gave me a weak smile and nodded yes. “I’m a computer geek who spends too much time on the net. I need a life and am slowly getting one. I knew what the script was about, but Paul changed it and made it scarier, which I guess is his job, but he pushed it too far,” she said. “Maybe you see that raw, intense, and violent isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be,” Paige told her. “That film was too much,” Piper pleaded.

Maybe there is hope after all.

Johnny wanted to see the two other films, so the girls left while the guys stayed behind and subjected ourselves to more insanity.

I need some calm after this.

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A Dark Turn 4808

Kevin informed us that “The Boy by the Creek” is highly inappropriate for children and that a babysitter will be necessary. Fortunately, Barton arranged for nannies to look after the kids while we watched the film. Blake asked me if I knew anything about the film and I told her I didn’t. “It sounds like a mystery, but Kevin didn’t provide any details. He seems a tad anxious about this movie for some reason,” I said. “Brie said that Jordan didn’t exhibit his usual arrogance during filming, which has Kevin worried. I told her that he did a great job with, “Clip” and I’m sure he did the same with this film,” Blake replied. “A humble Jordan, that must have been interesting,” I remarked.

Blake then gave me a pensive look.

I talked to Tabby yesterday, and she said that it seems the films they’re making have taken a dark turn. Apparently, Kevin’s new film is unsettling, as is Rory’s. Bob and Connor’s movie is another twisted thriller. We all saw “Short Fuse” and it’s an ugly film. The there’s Cullen’s disgusting masterpiece. I thought about what she said and agreed that the films have turned dark,” my wife said. “Then there’s “Holy Sinner,” I added.

We then went to watch the movie.

A taut thriller that grabs your interest from the start, “The Boy by the Creek” is an excellent vehicle for Kevin to expand his resume. Playing a bitter small-town detective, his character John Janson investigates the disturbing pictures found in a dead pedophile’s trailer. A picture of a boy sitting by the creek in only his underwear starts an investigation to determine his identity. The movie explores the grim nature of investigating crimes against children and the ungodly and sick world of pedophilia. The picture is then tied to an old homicide case where the bones of a boy were found thirty-five years earlier. The shocking ending jarred us all when it’s revealed that the town’s most prominent attorney is responsible for the boy’s murder, which was done to cover up the fact that the boy was his child from an affair with a young woman who was his client, who was also killed. The flick’s sense of impending dread works effectively to maintain suspense, but it is that intensity that left some in the audience feeling a tad woozy.

I praised the film’s terrific performance and well-written script. The direction was also first-rate. The rest f the audience agreed; however, there was an underlying feeling of gloom as the movie leaves you drained and sad. We took a break before the reshowing of “Holy Sinner” Blake said she was going home. My daughters said the same. “It was a fine piece of filmmaking, Elmer, but it left me feeling sad,” my wife said of “The Boy by the Creek”  “There’s has to be something happy to make a film about,” Paige added.

It is time to lighten the mood when it comes to making movies.

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Crawford Calhoun 4807

Barton called in the morning to ask if we wanted to get an early bird show of “Holy Sinner” because he’ll be busy from noon until six today. I asked Blake, who said that sounded good. I called Robin, Paige, and Mary and they said they were excited to go. Barton said he told the rest of the crew about the screening.

We arrived at the Stevenson compound and were greeted by Seth, who looked better than the last time I saw him. He was full of energy and ready to watch the film. When everyone arrived, we watched the movie.

And boy were they in for a treat.

I found myself laughing at my character, Crawford Calhoun because he’s one hundred percent, real cad. Morally bankrupt and a psychopath to boot, Crawford Calhoun embodies the worst in men, yet, somehow he is oddly likable, which is the case with a lot of psychopaths. The film got off to a roaring start and stepped on the gas the rest of the way. The audience clearly found Crawford’s antics funny until they realized just how depraved he was. Blake praised my performance several times before the mayhem commenced.

Then Maggie’s character appeared.

Blake and my daughter were initially charmed by our interaction, but once we hit the sack, they gasped, and when Maggie went fully nude, I could see Maire gasp. Blake let out a stunned scream when Maggs, her onscreen husband, and I had a threesome. Paige gasped again when I slapped her husband around in the bed and made nasty remarks. “Daddy,” she hollered.

Then came the rape scene.

Blake and my daughters watched in horror as Crawford sexually assault a college student while making Seth watch. The scene gets even more creepy when my character forces Seth’s to have sex with the boy. The three men then pray, which made the audience uncomfortable.

The car chase was next.

My wife seethed as she watched the scene unfold in dangerous fashion. Using no common sense and driving on adrenaline, the chase scene was an undeniable crowd-pleaser, but Blake and my daughters didn’t see it that way. “Daddy, you drove like a maniac,” Robin hollered. “Daddy, that was insane,” Paige shrieked. “What were you think,” Maire added. “Great job, Scragg, that’s a killer scene,” Cullen declared. Bob and Bruce also gave me a thumbs up. Farley and the rest of males also praised my balls. “Let’s give it up for Gary, too,” I hollered. “Elmer!”

The rest of the film was equally exhilarating, and I found myself actually liking my character. When the flick ended with Crawford getting away and starting his madness all over the audience let out another gasp.

Oh yeah, that was cool.

“Oh my God,” Maire blurted out. “Was it that bad,” I asked. “You were incredible, Daddy, but your character was so awful. And mother, what was she thinking,” she screamed. We all laughed and gave Maggs a round of applause. “Damn, Scragg, you were getting it from everywhere,” Cullen remarked. “Oh, and that’s a good thing,” Paige scoffed. “Yeah, if you’re a guy.” “Cullen!” “Scragg laid down the law–and every guy and gal in sight,” Rory added. “Rory,” Blake yelled. “Scragg was ripped and ready to go,” the Sorcerer continued. “You guys are so juvenile,” Robin sneered. “He also assaulted young men and treated women as objects,” Maire snarled. “You said he gave a great performance,” Rory countered. “He did, but I guess I enjoyed the film on a higher level,” my SoCal daughter replied. “Yeah, probably.” “Rory!” “That was a great, Scragg, and I hope you get some recognition for it,” Kevin remarked. “I had fun, especially driving that car,” I said, knowing Blake and my girls would pitch a fit. “Daddy,” I heard shrieked in unison. “Elmer, that was irresponsible,” Blake added. “Please, let’s tone down the estrogen,” Cullen quipped. “You’re an asshole,” my wife bellowed, which delighted the Sorcerer. “Tonight, “The Boy by the Creek” will be screened, so be here at seven,” Barton then told us. “Cool.” “Cary and Michael want to see this film,” Maire said. “Okay, a double feature,” the billionaire replied.

We left the theater and headed back to the farm. My daughters were still trying to get a handle on what they just watched while Blake shook her head in disbelief. “It was a great performance, Elmer, and I must admit that I enjoyed the film, but damn, you had too much fun making it,” she said, which made me laugh. “Yep, it was a blast–to a point.

Playing Crawford Calhoun wasn’t too hard.


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Buried Past 4806

We ate supper over at Maire’s where she served breakfast. Cary shrugged off any notion that he were a star and added that playing a tough guy doesn’t require any talent. “Not true, according to Barton told me, you were impressive as the bouncer who roughed up Connor in “Tangled Wires.” You also did a fine job in “Noises” so don’t sell yourself short,” I replied. “Thanks, Dad, but you’re too kind.” “Nonsense, you have an even bigger speaking role in this movie, and they wouldn’t have given you that if you couldn’t handle it,” Maire told him. “I threaten people.” “True, but you do it with flair,” Blake remarked. “What do your parents think,” I asked. “They’re incredulous and said they’ll believe it when they see it,” Cary replied. “They’re going to see it and so are soon. Barton said “Holy Sinner” is already edited and we’ll be watching it tomorrow at his home theater,” Blake replied. “What is the buzz on that film,” Maire asked. “I don’t know, no one is saying, but I imagine it’s going to wild,” I replied. “This is exciting; it’s a lot better than Hollywood because everyone is pulling for each other,” Maire declared. “Can we watch “Holy Sinner,” Gio asked. “No, wait until it comes out on DVD and then sneak watch it,” I replied. “Elmer!” “Well, that’s what they always do.” “Don’t watch it all,” Blake warned them.

Marty then called.

My manager wanted to tell me to check out Honey’s website. He’s got a new band, and it is something else,” he replied. I had Maire pull it up and read about his new lineup. “Wow, I said as I looked at the new player. “Yeah, I just thought you would be interested,” Marty said before clicking off. I then looked at the website and read about the band. “Jack is taking a break because of medical issues. Johnny is stepping aside for family obligations, and David is out because all he ever did was hide behind the keyboards,” I said. “The website doesn’t say that,” Robin said. “No, he’s pursuing other endeavors, but he did hide behind them. Look at this lineup: Scott Mortenson, Gavin Saunders, and Cal Weaver, that’s what I call a loaded lineup.” “Plus, Honey and Chris Ranford,” Farley added. “That’s an upgrade and one that’ll pay off in a hurry,” I commented. “What is Johnny going to do,” Gio asked. “Stay at home with Amanda and run the business,” I replied. “It’s a better situation, Daddy, and it shows that they’re serious about being fathers,” Maire said. “I agree, it’s a positive development. I hope Scott and Gavin know what they’re in for because Honey doesn’t tolerate much.” “I called Scott a week ago, and he never mentioned this,” Farley said. “He was given orders not to,” I replied.

Blake then got a call.

It was Kara, who called about the six bodies they found in a field in Kansas. Blake said that she heard about it, but wasn’t following it that closely because she had other things to do. The two women talked for a few minutes until Blake said that she would call Kara back tomorrow. She clicked off and smiled. “Those bodies in Kansas are the rage out there. They were found in a field in Jefferson County. According to reports, the bodies have been there for over twenty years. Let’s not talk about that,” my wife then said.

That’s right, let’s keep that past buried.

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Dr. Badass 4805

I took Caroline to the airport in the morning and talked with her before she had to check in her bags. She smiled and said that she’d be home soon and is ready for the holidays. “I’m ready to do this, and she gave me a hug. She then met up with her band, and they all embraced. I watched them walk into the terminal and thought about how far my oldest daughter has come since she moved down here.

I then moved on when someone one honked at me to move.

I worked on the farm until it was time to take the girls to school. After doing that, we drove back to the farm to put on our riding clothes. I called the bikers, and all of them were game, so we met at the convenience store at down the road from the house. I was delighted to see Daisy on the back of Cullen’s bike. “You ready,” I asked her. She gave me a thumbs up, and we were off with Rory leading the way.

Rory took us on a wild route that we had never taken before, which made the cruise even better. We stopped at an abandoned country store to take a break. “That was a curvy route,” Bob told Rory. “Yeah, wasn’t it great,” he replied, which made my best friend grin. Barton kidded Bob about being the elder in the group but showing some quick reflexes on the ride. “Age is just a number–not really, but days like this it is,” he replied.

Bob then brought up Brian Brunner.

“I should even mention that fool, but it galls me that I worked with that creep and thought he was a good guy. Connor was so mad that he wanted to stomp him. I told him he isn’t worth the hassle,” he said. “We’ve dealt with him, and anyone else who deals with him now has a heads up,” Barton replied. “Right, none of us knew he was like that, but now we do, which means we stay clear of him.” “I realize you have to work with some undesirables at times, but that kid proved to be a first-class scumbag,” Bob scoffed.

Blake’s phone then went off.

It was Maire, and she told Blake something funny because my wife let out a hearty laugh. She then handed me the phone, and I asked my daughter what was up. “A producer saw Cary during the editing of “Noises” and wants him to play a tough guy in a film that just started production. It’s called “Fire Zone” an action flick and he wants Cary to play a bouncer,” Maire told me. “That’s great,” I replied. “The guy editing the film knew this producer and suggested Cary. He’s dismissive of his acting, but he does play a convincing roughneck.” “Sure he does, and I was scared when he grabbed me in that scene,” I replied. “I just wanted to tell you guys that. I’ll see you at lunch.” “You mean dinner.” “Daddy.” I laughed and then clicked off. I told the rest of the bikers about Cary’s new gig, which made them cheer. “He’s a badass,” Rory declared. “That boy is impressive,” Cullen added. “He’s tall, muscular, and handsome, what’s not to like,” Daisy quipped. “He looks menacing in those wigs,” I remarked. “He sure impressed Connor with his physicality,” Bob said.

I would never have imagined Cary as an actor, but that only shows how erroneous assumptions can be. He may never do Shakespeare, but he sure can play a convincing tough guy, which takes skill.

Dr. Leider is a badass.

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To Be Young Again 4804

Caroline came over to the house looking glum. She’s leaving for the west coast tomorrow to play eight shows, which will conclude her tour for this year. I told her that she’d be back well before Thanksgiving and will be home for the Christmas Holiday. “I’ll be back the November 12, Daddy; it’s just that I don’t feel like this.” “I know, but you’ll do it and then be ready in the spring for another round.” My oldest daughter laughed and said that she must be crazy to have chosen this for a career. “Undoubtedly, however, the pay is good, and there are some cool perks,” I replied. “That is true, but I would rather be home.” “And that’s why you’re normal.” Caroline smiled and said that she feels better already. “And we have meatloaf for supper, which is a bonus,” I said.

The family gathered in the dining room as I put the food on the table. We then sat down, and I said grace. Michael Jr. eyes were filled with joy as he anticipated chowing down on meatloaf. Naturally, he and John sat next to Blake, who doted on the boys. Christopher, oblivious to everything slept contentedly near his mother. Gio and Rayne sat next to their mother. I looked around the table and saw three doctors, which made me proud. I then saw Farley sitting next to Robin and silently chuckled. I enjoyed watching the family fill up their plates, and when they did, I fixed mine. I always serve myself last, a custom I started because it felt right to do so. We then started eating.

It’s great to be home.

Cary commented on how good the meatloaf tasted and said that simple meals are the best. We went to dinner last week at the home of two married doctors, and it was a chore getting the food down. They have expensive cookware and a kitchen that is fit for a pro, but neither one of them can cook and trying to eat mangled chicken cordon bleu was rough,” he said. “It was awful, but they tried. I kept looking Cary, who looked on in horror as Jeannette and Jared struggled in the kitchen,” Paige added. “I liked it when Jeanette asked David if Ohio is next to Minnesota,” Michael then said. “They’re sweet, but they both grew up in Connecticut and think they’re in the wild, wild south,” David added. “You could do something with the cookware they have, but you probably wouldn’t want it because it takes up a lot of space,” Paige then said to me. “You’re right, I wouldn’t, I like keeping it simple,” I replied.

Rayne then mentioned my new book.

“Andy is creepy, especially when he fantasizes about harming boys,” she said before realizing that she should have kept her mouth shut. Caroline turned red, while her sister rolled her eyes. “Do you read that book,” her mother asked. “Yes,” my granddaughter replied in a low voice. “What did I tell you about that?” “That we weren’t allowed to read it.” “Then why did you?” “Because it was left out on the table,” Rayne replied. “Rayne, that’s a grown-up book, and it’s disturbing, which is why I didn’t want you to read it,” Caroline said. “I know, I had nightmares after reading it.” “Did you read it, too,” Caroline asked Gio. “Yes.” “You girls need to listen when I tell you not to do something. That book is inappropriate for both of you.” “Your mother is right; you have to listen to what she says,” I added. “Sorry,” Rayne replied. “Did you like the book,” Dave asked. “Yes, it was a scary book, but it was also interesting,” Gio proudly declared. “Good, it was a great book,” the veterinarian added. Caroline gave him a look of disbelief, which made Farley and Michael chuckle. “That’s not what you should have said,” she told her boyfriend. “I used to sneak adult books from my parents, too,” he replied. “That’s just great!” “Grandmother said you used to sneak in and watch rehearsals for a nude play,” Gio said. Once again, Caroline blushed and was left speechless. “I read all my uncle’s Playboys,” Michael chimed in. “Michael,” Paige shrieked. “Please, you read your mother’s Playgirls,” he countered. Paige became apoplectic, which was hilarious. “Grandmother also said that you used to sneak watch adult videos,” Rayne added. Caroline stammered and then let out a huff. “There was always porn on at the house when I was growing up,” Robin lamented. “Cool,” Michael replied. “That’s not a good thing, Michael,” Paige screamed. “Did any of you behave,” I asked, which got all eyes on me. “Oh please, you’d need an encyclopedia to document all of your transgressions,” Blake said. “Alright, let’s not blow this out of proportion, Gio and Rayne know they were wrong and it won’t happen again–but of course it will; however, they’ll be sanctions the next time around,” I said. My granddaughters hung their heads. “You’re bright girls, but grow up too fast,” I told them, which made them smile. “Did you do anything stupid when you were growing up, Grandma,” Gio asked Blake, who smiled. “No, she waited until college,” I cracked. “Elmer!” Paige busted up, which made my wife seeth. “You girls have enough material to know what not to do in college,” I continued. “Elmer!”

We all then laughed and recalled more of our youthful transgressions. For me, it was a reminder of how time had passed. Kids want to grow up too fast, and then when they do, they yearn to be kids again. I reckon the lesson is to live each day with gusto regardless of your age.

Time moves too fast.

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Bad People Doing Good 4803

Blake and I didn’t discuss what Marty told us with my daughters last night, in fact, we didn’t mention it at all. Blake went to the school this morning, and after she had left, I called Cullen, who promptly came over. I told him what was said yesterday and he laughed. “Those bodies in that field have been there for over twenty years, and they’re all people who needed their heads cut off. They won’t find any bodies in that other field, but they have to follow up. Scragg, this is hilarious and the fact that Hyer Bergant is still being mentioned shows just how a good story never dies.” “It is humorous, but who’s the informant.” Cullen grinned and said Jolly, a jokester in the highest order. “Alright, it’s now hysterical,” I replied. “How did Blake react,” my old buddy asked. “She was pensive,” I replied. “Damn, you would have had to get mixed up with a crazy gal like her, but she’s better and I actually kind of like Blake now. At least you know she’ll cap someone if necessary,” the Sorcerer said. “That she will.”

While Cullen and I were chatting, Brie stopped over wanting to know the status of her horse. Irritated, but managing to force a smile, I took her to the field where Marsha was dealing with one of the Salerno horses. I called her over and asked which horse we were giving Brie. “Probably that one over there,” Marsha pointed to the far end of the field. “I rode him in Italy,” Brie said. “That was there,” I replied. “They’re beautiful horses, but they need to be broken in before we can give you one,” Marsha informed her.

The horse she was working with then grabbed her by the shirt collar and threw her down.

A shaken Marsha quickly got to her feet, but the Salerno charged, and she was barely able to get out of his way. I grabbed his reins, and he wanted to fight. I hard slap to the face stunned him. “Knock it off,” I hollered. The horse piped down, and I began to walk him around the field. The animal wanted to rebel, but another slap to the face stopped him cold. The horse was then compliant for the rest of the walk. I handed the horse back to Marsha, who bowed in jest. “That was good, Scragg,” she the said. Brie looked on in fright and stated that she understands. “Good, now take Beelzebub for a ride,” I told her, which made her giggle with delight.

As Brie and Marsha went riding, Cullen and I watched from the fence. “She’s a good gal,” I said of Brie. “Yeah, she is, even if she is a pain-in-the-ass,” the Sorcerer replied. “You ever imagine you would experience domestic bliss,” I then asked him. “No, but I like it.” “Good, I never thought so, either,” I cracked.

Blake then pulled up.

She gave Cullen a wary look and then walked over to me. “That didn’t take long,” I said. “No, it was a simple task,” she replied. “What’s up, Blake,” Cullen asked her. “Not much, what brings you here?” “Hyer Bergant.” My wife’s expression turned blank, which amused Cullen. “Don’t worry about that shit in the field, it was done long before you became a gangster,” he then told her. “I’m not a gangster,” she snapped. “You got that right, but you sure tried–oh wait, you did more than that.” “Bastard!” “Please, you’re not convincing.” “I see Brie came by to check on her horse,” my wife then said. “Yes, and she now understands,” I replied. “What were you two talking about,” Blake then asked. “Domestic bliss,” Cullen answered. “That’s funny.” “Yes, it sure is, especially seeing you so wrapped up in home.” “You’re such an asshole,” my wife told Cullen. “Hey, it’s not like you’re a good girl, Blakey, so be grateful that you found someone who could put up with you,” Cullen replied. “Fucker and you’re some prize,” Blake seethed. “No, we’re all lucky, Blake, we’re bad people doing good, which is something none of us thought possible.” Blake huffed and leaned against the fence.

Once again, Cullen speaks the truth.

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Hyer Bergant 4802

Paige and her three sons came over to see me, which made my day. Typically, Jr. and John run straight to Blake, but today they both jumped into my arms with hugs and kisses–then they ran to Blake. Christopher smiled at me before falling back asleep. My daughter said that we made a splash in Europe. “They’re still talking about your shows, which means you made an impression,” she added. “I hope so, it was a wild time, and we had a lot of fun,” I replied. Paige then asked about Maggie and her date with Arturo. “I couldn’t help but laugh; Maire said that her mother said it didn’t go well and that Italian billionaire quickly realized that it was better as a fantasy.” “That’s right, and the fool should have known that, however, when you have that kind of money, I reckon you can afford to take it that far,” I replied. Paige laughed, and we all sat down.

Caroline arrived back with Gio and Rayne, who ran into my arms. My granddaughters asked me all about Italy, Spain, and Switzerland, and I told them that I didn’t get to do the things I wanted because of our schedule; however, I saw enough to consider a vacation over there. “I bet it was still cool,” Gio said. “It was,” I replied.

Marty then showed up.

My manager called Blake and me outside. I could feel something fucked up had just happened by the expression on Marty’s face. Once outside, Marty looked me directly in the eyes and asked if I knew anyone by the name Hyer Bergant. “No,” I replied. “What about you,” he then asked Blake. My wife turned her head away and stared at the ground. “Blake, you know this Hyer guy,” I asked. “No, but I’ve heard of him,” she softly answered. “Who is he?” “Ricky used to talk about him. Apparently, he’s a shadowy figure who runs an international crime ring. He used to say he’s like Keyser Soze, the criminal from that movie. I thought he was just an urban legend, but Ricky swore he was real.” “Okay, who is asking about this Hyer Bergant,” I asked Marty. “Hernandez, he just asked me to ask you guys if you knew of him.” “Why is he asking that?” “Because they found six headless torsos in a Kansas field. They were unearthed when an earth mover dug them up. They’re about to dig up another field where more bodies are supposedly buried.” “How did this Bergant character’s name come up,” I asked. “An informant told Hernandez, but no one knows this informant,” Marty replied. “Why did he ask you to ask us about this guy?” “Scragg, this informant told Hernandez that Stultz, Brimley and the rest of the Warren County Mafia worked for Hyer Bergant, even if they didn’t know it. Upton worked for directly, as did Dade Statter. According to this unknown informant, Hyer Bergant is the big man behind all the mayhem out there.” “This has nothing to do with us,” I asked with dread. “No, Hernandez just wanted to know if you ever laid eyes on this guy. Oh yeah, weird shit is happening again in Warren County,” Marty added. “Like what?” “Like people disappearing,” my manager replied. “Call Hernandez,” I asked Marty.

The D.E.A. Agent was cordial and asked me how I was doing. “Lousy, what’s this Hyer Bergant shit,” I asked. “Just wanted to know if you knew anything about him, Scragg.” “Blake said Ricky talked about him, but didn’t ever lay eyes on him,” I said. “I believe it, and it would be easy to write him off as a myth, but dead bodies are real,” Hernandez replied. “What do you know about this Hyer Bergant,” I asked. “Nothing, just that he’s some badass crime lord who supposedly runs an international crime ring, but no one has ever seen him.” “Hernandez, this isn’t Hollywood, so perhaps it’s criminals having a little fun with the law.” “Could be, but how do you explain all those headless bodies in the field and possibly a lot more in the field we’re heading to now?”

I wanted to scream. I thought that shit in Warren had finally blown over, but I reckon that is not the case and with more bodies turning up, it’s only a matter of time before all this blows up again.

Hopefully, we won’t get caught in the explosion.

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An In-House Project 4801

I awoke at noon and stepped into the shower to finish waking up. When I walked out to the living room, Elizabeth and Amy came running up to me. I sat down, and they got in my lap. I asked them about their day, and they said they had fun at school. Elizabeth then told me that the horses from Italy aren’t behaving too well. “There’s one who is super mean, Daddy, and he looks for trouble,” she informed me. “Well, I’ll just have to get him in line,” I replied. “That’s what I told Mrs. Brie.” I laughed and then we got ready to go to lunch.

It’s always great to be home.

We went to the Barnes and Noble Cafe for lunch because Blake wanted their chicken club. I worried that there might be a scene, but Blake said that it wouldn’t be a problem. We placed our order and then sat down. When we got our food and began to eat, I could feel eyes upon me. I pretended not to notice, but the more pairs seemed to be upon me with each passing minute. I looked up and saw people staring at me. I smiled and waved to them. They gave me a thumbs up. “Looks like you’ll be signing books,” my wife said. She then called Jake, who immediately sent Ali and Charles down to the store. I ordered them lunch and then finished mine.

I then walked into the bookstore.

The manager said that if I don’t want to be bothered to let her know. I told her it was fine and three people walked over to me with my book that they purchased. I signed them and thanked the three ladies for supporting me. More people followed, and I repeated the process.

This is what it’s all about.

I spent over an hour at the store, and when there was a lull, I slipped out. Blake laughed and said that that I’m in my element when I’m promoting my brand. “I better be,” I replied. “You look so relaxed and appear to have a good time. Ali commented on that, too.” “You have to work it while it’s hot.” “It’s a great book, Elmer, and your grown daughters say the same thing. It’s creepy, but not in a lurid way. As I was reading it, I tried to imagine where you got the inspiration for such a book. I then realized that you had many incidents in your life to draw from, but where did Andy Rolfson come from,” my wife asked. “I saw a true crime drama a while back that did a show on a case in Nebraska about the murder of a ten-year-old boy and how a creepy grocery store stocker became the prime suspect. He was a strange young man with a lot of hangups, but he wasn’t a murderer. He was fascinated by violent crime and recalled having a disturbing online chat with a man in a neighboring town, which he told the investigators about and as it turns out he was the killer,” I replied. “I remember that,” Blake said. “That’s who I based Andy Rolfson on.” “Wow, that’s wild, and I remember sitting next to you and saying how that would make a good story.” “Right,” I said with a grin.

You never know where inspiration is going to come from.

Maire and Caroline stopped in to see me, and they asked me about the book. I told them what I told Blake, which made them laugh. “Oh God, I remember that show,” Caroline said. “Did Blake say who she got a call from,” Maire then asked. “No.” “Tell him.” “Harold Graham,” Blake said. “Who’s Harold Graham,” I asked. “A powerful Hollywood producer, Daddy,” Maire replied. “Oh, what did he want?” “He wants to buy the rights to your book.” “He called yesterday morning, and I told him that it wasn’t my decision to make. He said that I must have some pull with you, but I told him that he’d have to talk to you,” my wife said. “Tell him to call Jerry,” I replied. “I have taken the liberty to do a draft for the book,” Blake then told me. “I don’t care.” “You want to keep it in-house,” my wife then asked. “If you want to.” “Elmer, Rory is ready made to play Andy Rolfson,” Blake suggested. “Yea, he would.” “Perhaps, we should keep this in-house.” “Cool, I the idea.”

Why the hell not?

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