Just Like Lambs 5210

Cullen called and said that Daisy had surgery today and is doing well. “She’ll be down for a while, so I’ll be staying here,” he informed me before getting off the phone. I laughed and told the band that Cullen will be out for a spell. “I bet he’s back for the New York shows,” Rory said. “Probably, but we’ll see.” We all then retired to our rooms.

I was watching some insipid movie about space monsters when Blake called. I asked her if everything was okay and she told me it was great. “I talked to Jordan today about a movie that he wants to make in the near future,” she then said. “Great, I take it is from your script?” “Yes, it’s called “The Rattlesnake Rumor.” “Oh, what’s it about?” “It’s a comedy about a group of office workers who are getting a new supervisor who is supposedly a prick, but that’s just a rumor, hence the title. He has a reputation of being an ill-tempered snake; however, that’s not the case.” “Sounds interesting, I hope it goes well,” I replied. “Oh, it’s not going to be in production until August,” Blake said. “At least you have a start date.” “We do, Elmer, plus, you’re in it,” my wife in told me.

I should have known.

“I realize you need a little time to recuperate from the tour, so we decided on August to start filming. Of course, we’re not making you do this, but your presence in the movie would help,” Blake said. “I reckon.” “No reckoning about it, Elmer, so are you in?” “It sounds like I’ve already been signed up.” “Great, I’ll tell Jordan.” “Alright.” “It won’t take long to shot, Elmer.” “Good, I hate long shoots.”

What just happened?

Rory walked down to my room to tell me that he got a call from Jordan, who said that he’ll be in a movie called, “The Rattlesnake Rumor.” “I guess I was just signed up. Jordan said it won’t take long and that it won’t interfere with the production of “Subconscious” I agreed to do it because I didn’t know what else to say and Jordan made it sound like it’s mandatory. That kind of fucked up, Scragg.” “Blake told me the same thing, it’s her script that we’ll be filming,” I replied. “Oh, then the movie won’t be fucked up,” Rory replied. “It’s a comedy,” I continued. “Shit, so we’re going to see the lighter side of Blake?” “I reckon.” “Well, that’s what I walked down here for, so I’m going to head back and crash,” the bassist said before heading back to his room.

I thought about what just happened, and all I could do was laugh. Rory and I didn’t have to think about starring in this movie because the decision was made for us.

And we both went along like lambs.

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The Dark Side Of Entitlement 5209

The crew didn’t begin to stir until the afternoon, and even after they were up, they weren’t much about. We ate supper before retiring to our rooms for the night. I turned on the television and watched the news, which was the usual disaster. Then, a story about Colin Keene, the British actor I met some years back in Wilmington, came next.

As the reporter described wild parties involving underage girls, free-flowing booze, and a cornucopia of drugs at Colin’s Hollywood bungalow, a sense of sadness fell over me. The report centered around a fifteen-year-old runaway who was at the star’s residence when she overdosed on booze and pills that now has her fighting for her life. The police are also investigating allegations of sexual assault that are alleged to have happened at the bungalow. Colin Keene, looking haggard and old, had no comment as the reporters surrounded him. His lawyer attempted to push them away, and the actor finally reached the limousine that was waiting to take him away to another location. The reporter said that charges are imminent, which will further damage the star’s already sinking career. Three straight box-office bombs combined with these allegations and past accusations of similar behavior might finally end his days as a leading man. “You should hear that guy sing,” I told Orville. “He’s got a golden voice,” I added. “I’ve heard a lot of negative things about him, especially about his penchant for young girls,” my buddy replied. “I know, and if it’s true, then he needs to face the consequences. I don’t understand that mindset, but I’m not them, so I’ll leave it at that. All I know is that Colin Keene has lived a charmed life and he should have taken better care of the good fortune that has blessed him.” “I wonder how many times he’s been told ‘no’ over the past fifteen years,” Orville asked. “Not many, I’m sure.” “How many real friends do you think he has,” Orville continued. “Probably not many,” I answered. “And then again, he might just be a lousy person,” my old friend said. “True, any sordid activity involving children is wicked,” I commented. “I would think all that partying wouldn’t be worth the hassle, but I’ve never lived that kind of lifestyle and have no idea what it’s like to be able to indulge yourself like that; however, it never works out for any of them. I guess they think it won’t happen to them,” Orville said before returning to his book.

The fast life always ends in a crash that often times ends in tragedy. It’s one thing to kill yourself with booze and drugs, but when you take advantage of kids who think they’re part of the scene is downright evil. I’ll reserve judgment until the investigation has been completed, but things sure don’t look good for Colin, and if all the accusations are true, then box-office bombs will be the last of his worries.

Entitlement has an ugly dark side that knows no boundaries–especially if you have a dark heart.

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Cultivating Friends In A Ruthless Business 5208

After another wild show in Cleveland, I thanked the fans for coming out with such energy and making the two shows memorable for us as well. The band then hit the showers before looking for a place to eat.

We found a 7-Eleven store and decided that was perfect. We walked into the joint, and we all got a Slurpee before ordering our sandwiches. The staff at the store all recognized us, and we cut up with them while they prepared our food. A couple of cops dropped by, and we joked with them, too. The customers who walked in also got in on the fun, and a mini-party followed. Everyone was on their best behavior, and it was a good time. The food also hit the spot. Orville remarked that there’s nothing like fast food at night. “I guess it brings back memories from when I was young,” he said. “Maybe, but it’s also good. Look at Galen Arthur filling up his Slurpee cup again,” I replied. “These are delicious,” he said in an excited voice. “Yeah, but are they really fabulous,” Rory cracked. “I’ve forgotten what fabulous is since I’ve been with you guys.” “Yep, and now you’re just a slug like the rest of us,” I replied. “I’ll always be fabulous deep down, Scragg.” “No, Galen Arthur, you crapped that out along with all those corn dogs you’ve been eating,” Rory joked. “I’m not a savage like you, Rory.” I laughed and shook my head as G.A. gulped down his Slurpee before refilling the cup.

We then headed to Pittsburgh.

The little over two-hour bus ride to Pittsburgh made more sense than waiting around for a flight, which made Rory happy. I was still unwinding from the show, so I pulled up the magazine that G.A. works for and checked out his pieces. In a little over a month, Galen Arthur went from a campy fashion reporter whose persona overwhelmed the content to a respected journalist who has accurately detailed life on the road for a band without sounding chummy or contrived. His prose is first-rate, and his descriptions of some of the crazy stuff we’ve done and seen are truly hilarious. Naturally, since he works so closely with us, ground rules were set, and he didn’t include Jackie’s brief visit with us at the behest of Barton and me. He also has let some of the vulgar language and crude antics slide, but for the most part, he’s captured the band as we are. His journal, as he calls it, has been a major boon for the startup magazine and has brought much-needed cash. I looked over the rest of the site and found it to be a professional operation. “It’s a solid publication,” my brother commented. “I agree, and this gig has sure raised its profile,” I replied. “And you have an outlet on your side,” Kim remarked. “Well, it doesn’t hurt.” “True, and a friend in this business is a friend indeed,” my brother replied.

And cultivating friends in this business is a risky proposition.

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Cleveland Rocks 5207

The fan at FirstEnergy Stadium gave Orville and I a rousing welcome as we took the stage. I then introduced my old buddy to the crowd and gave them a brief history of our adventures. “Orville thought he would be playing classical pieces for McSwain’s upper crust and then retire to the visiting artist quarters where he would read, listen to music, and relax. He then met me and all those plans quickly fell by the wayside. I told him life was too short to fritter away sleeping, so we got involved in something every night, isn’t that right, Orville,” I asked him. “Yes, Scragg, and looking back, it’s amazing that either one of us is still here,” he replied, which got hearty laughs from the audience. “Now, now, we didn’t do anything that was inherently illegal.” “Everything we did was illegal,” he practically screamed. “Okay, some motor vehicle laws got broken, but hey, who hasn’t done that in the past?” “Aah, Scragg, I think you’re suffering from selective amnesia,” Orville replied. “Perhaps, anyway, this first tune is about the time Orville, and I went down to the river and pondered life–okay, we didn’t ponder too much, but we did elude the wildlife officer thought we were fishing without a license. The tune is titled, “Running from the Man.”

Orville accompanied me on guitar and showed off his impressive skills while I sang about dragging his lanky ass through the brush while he screamed that he was going to die. The composition was a lot of fun to play, and we traded licks before bring it to a close.

The crowd erupted in cheers that rattled Orville. I laughed and told him it’s a great feeling. I then explained the story behind the next number, “Orville said more than once that he felt he was on a Tilt-A-Whirl when he was around me, which I took as a compliment, even though the expression on his face always conveyed terror. There’s no denying that I was a tad wild and always into something, but it was a whole lot better when you have a running partner, and Orville proved to be a great one. This song tells that story,” I said.

The audience went wild again after we played the tune and I looked over at my buddy who was grinning from ear-to-ear. I then let him tell the next story.

“I went to McSwain not knowing what to expect. I had lived a sheltered life up to that point and was expecting a calm and uneventful stay. Then, I met Scragg, and my life would never be the same. Calm and uneventful weren’t in Scragg’s vocabulary and every night was an adventure that found me wondering how we would get out of the predicament we got ourselves into, but we always did. I also learned how lucky I was and that not everyone lived in a comfortable environment. I also found out that there were some incredibly talented people out in the world who just needed a chance to share their gifts with the world. When I left McSwain, I had planned to see Scragg again, but life took over, and we lost touch. Fortunately, Scragg didn’t forget me, and now here I am. Oh yeah, I also thought I was a good musician until I met Scragg. I remember lecturing him about music theory and then feeling like an idiot when he played music that was so awe-inspiring. An elderly man who went to one of my performances told me that I was pretty good, but that the piece I played would have sounded better if Scragg had played it and I wholly agreed. He then asked me what the hell I was doing then and I shrugged and replied that I’m just here learning what I can from Scragg. He shook his head and said that I was a strange young man. One day, I picked up a guitar at a pawn shop in McSwain and began playing it. That same elderly gentleman walked in and shook his head again and told me to give it to Scragg. “Son, you’re an excellent pianist, but let’s not get carried away,” he said. I laughed and handed the guitar to Scragg, who told the man that he wasn’t very polite. “Shut up, punk, and just play,” he said to Scragg. “Anyway, the name of this song is, “Forever Changed.”

Orville and I penned the composition this afternoon, and I found myself cruising along the backroads of McSwain County with my old friend while we talked about anything and everything. Orville said it was the first time in his life he felt free, and I learned that I was capable of associating with people with sense, even if neither one of us used a whole lot of that during some of our adventures. Orville treated me as an equal and never questioned my upbringing, or lack of sense, which made him a wonderful discovery.

The opening set couldn’t have gone any better.

We rocked the stadium until the lights went up and we dedicated the last song to Daisy. I told the crowd about Cullen’s situation, and I could hear the chants of support. The concert was another classic, and our fans in Cleveland let their voices be heard.

Orville picked his spots and joined in on some of the jams and songs he knew he could handle. Being a world-class musician, he’s able to adapt, but still, needs some time to learn the tunes and get the feel. His impressive playing wowed all of us, and the crowd gave him a nice hand. After the show, he told me that he was still buzzed from all the noise the fans made. “Yeah, isn’t it great,” I replied. He laughed and said it was awesome.

As Ian Hunter said: Cleveland Rocks!

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The Not-So-Material Girl 5206

Orville and I spent yesterday and most of the morning working on some songs for the opening set. Naturally, I couldn’t expect him to learn the whole set in such a short period of time, but he could learn a few songs on guitar give me solid backup. He smiled as he looked over the lyrics of the three songs and recalled his time in McSwain. “Wow, it’s hard to believe that much time has passed,” he remarked. “Yeah, but here we are,” I replied. “Only you would pull a stunt like this, but that’s why you’re the Scragg Man,” he then said. “That’s what they say; however, I know you’re up to the challenge.” Orville took a deep breath and stated that he would do his best. “Of course you will, your reputation is at stake,” I informed him. He merely smiled and took another deep breath.

At dinner, Marty looked at his phone and snickered. I asked him what had him so amused and he said that I probably don’t want to know.

Oh shit.

Rory then looked at the screen and laughed out loud. “Yeah, Scragg, you’re going to love this,” he cackled.

Oh fuck.

Marty handed me his phone, and I watched a video of Blake singing “Like a Virgin” with the help of her college friends. They were all dressed in the tacky 80’s clothes and dancing out of step. It was Blake’s vocals; however, that was hard to ignore.

My God, my wife is a terrible singer.

Blake wore a smile throughout the video and appeared to be having a blast despite the audio assault she inflicted upon everyone in earshot. Her clumsy dance moves also were a sight, and it was all I could do not to cringe. When the video mercifully ended, I tried to hand the phone back to Marty, but he said there were two more scintillating videos.

Oh, God.

I then watched Blake and her friends stumble through, “Material Girl” which was even worse than “Like a Virgin” My wife’s grating vocals sent rattled my nerves and her overly cheerful demeanor also scrambled my brain, which was doing everything it could to erase this from my memory. When she tried to get risque, it looked like she was barfing on the floor. One of her friends fell down trying to execute a slick move, and the video descended into a mangled mess.

I figured it couldn’t get any worse, but I stood corrected as Blake tore into, “Crazy for You” which made me cringe. My wife gave it all she had, which wasn’t nearly enough to salvage the song. Blake screamed throughout the song, and when she tried to convey any emotion, she looked like she was insane. Her friends couldn’t even sway for side-to-side in sync and Blake looked like she had a nervous twitch while singing. When she finished the song, she let out a yell and declared herself a Material Girl.

I don’t think so, baby.

I looked at the crew who were trying not to laugh, except Rory, who was in hysterics. “Well, that wasn’t very good, in fact, it was downright awful. Marty, how many more of these fucking videos are out there?” “I don’t know, Scragg, I thought they were exhausted.” “Obviously not, I just hope Blake and her friends didn’t try to tackle Michael Jackson or Prince,” I said. Rory was still hooting it up when he asked me if I was going to do these songs.

I’ll show him.

“Yes, we’re up to the challenge, but not tonight,” I replied.

Silence fell over the table.

“That’s right, prepare for me to be Madonna, so think about your parts, and we’ll work on it.” “Scragg, are you serious,” Rory asked. “Yep, and you’re going to be in the front,” I replied. “Scragg, that’s crazy.” “Right, so prepare for madness.”

What the fuck?



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Orville Comes To Cleveland 5205

Cullen called me in the morning and said that Daisy is resting in the hospital and that they’ll operate her after they get the results back from the biopsy, which should be today or tomorrow. He added that things are looking positive and that once the cysts are removed, Daisy should have a quick recovery. I told him to take care of business down there and not to worry. He wished us luck and then went back to Daisy.

I told the crew what Cullen said to me, and they all gave a big thumbs up. We then relaxed for a spell before heading down to the lobby to get some grub at the restaurant. As we walked into the lobby, a familiar voice called my name, and I looked along with the crew.

Orville Boxton had just arrived in Cleveland.

I laughed and greeted my old friend with a hug. He asked about Daisy, and I gave him the update, which made him happy. “Let’s hope she has a quick recovery, so you guys won’t have to put up with me too long,” he the replied. “We hope that for Daisy, too, but you’re not all that obnoxious,” I said. Orville laughed and asked if he could drop his bags in his room. “Sure, you’re staying with Dale, who resents the hell out of you for having to share his room,” I cracked. “No, Orville, glad you’re here, and you know better than to listen to Scragg,” the tech replied.

After Dale and Orville got back from dropping the luggage off, we entered the restaurant and took a table in the back. Orville asked what his role would be and I told him to take over for Cullen. “I’m not equipped to do that,” he replied. “Of course not, so we’ll have to come up with something.” “Great, this should be interesting.” “I hope so, just don’t fuck up.” “Thanks, Scragg, you’re all heart.” “Hey, I can’t help it I’m a softie.” “Yeah, I don’t think you’ve ever been accused of that, but anyway, I’m sure you have something planned.” “Boy, you’re mighty confident.” “Scragg, you can quick joking.” “I wish I were joking, but have faith, I’ll find a use for you.” “I’m beginning to believe you have no plan.” “Good, because I don’t.” “Oh God.” “Don’t worry, Orville, you’ve been through worse with me.” “That is true, I lost count how many times my life flashed before my eyes in McSwain.” “See, you were in training back then for this moment.” “No, I was just holding on for dear life.” “Just apply those lessons you learned back then to now and you’ll be good.” “Scragg, I was just thankful to be alive.” “Right, and you’re going to wish that after this ordeal–I mean experience,” I continued. Orville shook his head and then cracked a smile. “It’s comforting to know that some things don’t change–I guess,” he said. “There you go, now let’s eat and then we’ll worry about the minor details.” “Minor details?” “Well, it’s better than saying if you fuck up that you’ll never live down the shame and disgrace,” I replied with a wink. “Thanks, Scragg, you’re all heart.” “I know, and I really shouldn’t be such a softie,” I said. “Yeah,” Orville replied.

It’s great to see my old buddy again.

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Strong And Vulnerable 5204

We landed in Cleveland in the late afternoon and then checked into our hotel where we relaxed for a spell before getting supper. As we gathered in the hallway to walk down to the restaurant, Cullen got a call from Robert informing him that Daisy is in the hospital and will need surgery for an ovarian cyst. He told Cullen that Dasy experienced extreme pain this afternoon and almost passed out. Tests revealed a cyst on her ovaries that needs to come out.

Cullen needs to go home.

I told my old buddy to get home and be with Daisy. “That’s what you need to do,” I added. Cullen looked daze and then asked me if everything would be okay. “She’s in good hands, but you being there will help out immensely. Let’s get to the airport and get you home.”

For the first time in his life, Cullen has a responsibility to someone besides himself, and that means dropping everything to be with the one you love. Marty collected his belongings, and then we headed to the airport. Cullen’s expression of fear was something that I had never seen before, and it was a tad unsettling.

We then arrived at the airport.

Cullen walked into the terminal, got his ticket, and waited to fly home. Robert would meet him at the airport, and the rest of the crew back there will help out. I called Blake and apprised her of the situation, and she said she’ll do whatever she can to make this time easier on Cullen. She also told me that she would notify my daughters. Barton called Rene and Elise, who promised to monitor the situation.

Things happen in life that you have no control over and this situation is an example of that. The crew was surprised by Cullen’s reaction; expecting a steely response, but instead, seeing a man terrified of losing the one he loves. “His love for Daisy is boundless,” Rory remarked in a serious tone. “It sure is.” “It was beautiful to see that, I mean to see Cullen so concerned. I hope you know what I mean,” he continued. “We do, Rory.”

The crew was a tad somber at supper, but we all agreed to keep upbeat from now on and play like we always have. It’s not like Daisy got news of impending death, so there is no reason to act as such. We’re all concerned; however, we also have an optimistic outlook.

After supper, I then made another call.

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Talking About Kansas In Chicago 5203

We played our third show in Chicago to a packed stadium that gave us a royal sendoff. I thanked them for coming put and making our stay in the Windy City a memorable one. I then performed, “Chi-Town Rocks” a little ditty I composed last night for this occasion before the lights went up and we exited the stage.

Back at the hotel, we stuffed our faces on Chicago style pizza, which was delicious. I told the crew that Blake would love all the sausages they have in this town. “It’s so cool to see that they still have thriving butcher shops, which I’m sure the other big cities do, too, but I saw them here,” I said. “What about that Italian beef sandwich we had yesterday,” Enrico called out. “Fucking right, that was killer,” Rory agreed. “Yeah, Blake would love the meats in this town. Remember that German sausage I got you guys. I swore that was the only time Blake liked me,” Cullen cracked. “She sure loved that stuff and warned me not to eat all of it,” I replied. “I remember taking her to a steak joint in Topeka and thinking she wasn’t much of a meat eater, boy was I wrong. They had ribs, and she ate a whole rack. Those were the days,” I recalled. “It does seem that you miss that life,” Enrico remarked. “I sure do, it was simple then. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything, but the simple life does have its advantages. I thought I would stay in Kansas and live a rural lifestyle, but that didn’t work out. It’s okay because the pay is better now and I can do–no, I can’t do what I want, I can buy what I want, which isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I would love to indulge in some of my whims, but Blake and I decided that Elizabeth and Amy don’t need to grow up in opulence. It’s still great; however, and we live well.” “Yes, you do, Scragg,” Beck seconded.

I then recalled my first show at the Country Plate.

“I can still see all those faces from Warren watching me play, which was surreal at the time. It has been awhile since I had performed in front of an audience and I was worried how I would sound. At the time, it was the biggest concert ever because I was trying to impress Blake. Damn, that seems so long ago, but then again, it seems like yesterday, which sounds like a cliche and undoubtedly is, but fuck it, that’s the best way to describe that night. The owner of the restaurant, a man named Aaron Vent, recorded that show, which I haven’t listened to in a good spell. I guess we still have it,” I said, still firmly in the past. “Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. Thanks for listening to me while I strolled back to the past,” I then added. “Wow, I bet that was some concert,” Ray replied. “Just me and a guitar.” “That’s how you start all your concerts, Scragg,” Beck said. “Yeah, that’s true.” “We have to listen to that recording,” Rory chimed in.

I then talked about Kansas until we all turned in.

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A Gift From A Psychopath 5202

I found Kim and Cullen in a banquet hall playing their new guitars, which sounded incredible. I watched them from the entrance and admired their playing that was stunningly gorgeous. I heard footsteps behind me and saw Steve Allen, who’s been hanging out with us since we met at the Chicago Music Exchange. “He gave me a smile and then looked in on the two men. “They’re unbelievable players,” he commented. “Even playing those guitars,” I cracked. “Well, D’ Angelico and Duesenberg are beautiful instruments, but I’m paid by Gibson,” Allen replied. “I understand.” “Why don’t you get your Le Grande,” he then asked. “I’m going to let them play.” “It sure sounded beautiful in concert. I told the heads that Scragg needed that guitar because he’ll do great things with it and I was right. I also told them not to expect it back,” Allen continued. “Right, I’m keeping that.” “I’m here to do business, Scragg.” “I know, Steve.” “Let us put your name on a Gibson.” “Perhaps, but let’s listen to artistry,” I replied. Allen nodded, and we soaked up the sounds of Kim and Cullen’s sublime playing.

The two men eventually spotted us and invited us in. I told them to keep playing, and they said they could use a break. Allen inspected both guitars and gave us a brief history of the companies that produced them. “They’re wonderful guitars, but you know where I stand,” he said. “Yes, we do, Allen,” Cullen replied. “Can you play,” Kim asked Allen, who smiled. “Not really.” “Can you play some?” Allen picked up my brother’s D’ Angelica and began playing a jazzy riff that sounded damn good before whipping out a nifty rhythm. He then handed the guitar back to Kim. “You can play,” my brother said. “Barely, but I enjoy strumming.” “You’re a loyal Gibson guy, which is cool. I’ve always been partial to Fender, Duesenberg, and anything cheap, but I must admit, the Hummingbird, SG, and Les Paul are classics. Scragg sure loves them. I remember when we were playing, he talked about owning a Les Paul, not a copy, but a real Les Paul. I remember asking Jimmy Morrison to buy you one, but he laughed and said that he would never get any work out of you again if he did that. I hated that bastard, but anyway, Scragg now has a Les anytime he wants one,” Cullen said. “Yep, now he needs his name on one,” Allen replied.

Kim then brought up our father.

“That’s where we got our musical ability,” he said in an almost painful voice. “I know that because my mother told me. I know your mother told you the same. He was nothing, but apparently, he could sing and play like no one else. Sometimes I wonder how such a terrible man could be blessed with such a gift, but then I figure that it’s not for me to question. You have to say that he provided the raw material for our success, even if we don’t want to admit it,” he continued. “He was a drunken psychopath who got what he deserved. Yes, he was musically gifted, but that was it, and it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough for my grown daughters while they were growing up while I was out getting drunk and acting stupid. I not a psychopath, but I followed that asshole’s footsteps in every other way until I realized that if I was going to make anything of my life, I had to quit being a useless dickhead. Our sperm donor never figured that out and froze to death while in a drunken stupor. That almost happened to me, too,” I replied. “I shouldn;t have brought him up,” my brother then said. “Aah, it’s okay, he’s long gone, and he did give us a musical gene that we’ve made good use of.”

Kim and Cullen then got back to playing.

A gift from a psychopath is still a gift, and if you use it for good, then it doesn’t matter. Our father will always be remembered as a no good asshole who got his comeuppance while Kim and I are successful and doing right by our families and friends.

Elmer Scraggy Sr. is long forgotten, and hopefully, his memory will fade further into obscurity.

I hope you like Hell, you worthless dickhead.

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A Somber Call From Home 5201

I got a call from Blake in the late afternoon, and I knew immediately that it wasn’t good news. “I don’t know if you’ve heard, Elmer, but Jake’s girlfriend was cheating on him, and she officially left him today. I found out from Elise, who said he’s devastated. I didn’t know the woman, but she sounds common. She took advantage of him in every way and then just dumped him,” my wife said. “I’m sorry to hear that, Jake is a good guy who deserves better than that,” I replied. “Oh yeah, Ali got another job in Texas and will be leaving at the end of the week. She informed me about that this afternoon. She gave back the Prius, which I told her wasn’t necessary, but she insisted. I hate that because the girls are attached to her; however, it’s a better job, and she needs to do what is best for her.” “That’s right, she’s following her dreams, and I respect that. The next security officer; however, won’t get as attached,” I replied. “I know, Elmer, I should have known this would eventually happen.” “No big deal, Ali did outstanding work, and she’ll be missed, but it’s about security.”

I could tell that something else had Blake in a downer mood.

“Is everything else okay,” I asked. “No, one of my friends from college has terminal cancer and won’t be her much longer.” “Baby, I’m so sorry.” “Her name is Pam Lanier, she’s an elementary school principal in Iowa. I got a call from Hillary Logdon called me today and told me. Pam is such a sweet woman, and she has three kids who are still in school. This is just awful, Elmer.” “I’m sorry, Blake.” “I know, there’s nothing anyone can do.” “Is there anything else?” “Oh yeah, what was that Chinese billionaire’s name you met,” my wife asked. “Chen Lau.” “He was running naked on a bridge in Beijing screaming like a madman before the police corraled him and took him away. It was all over cable news,” Blake said. “Good God, it’s not been a good day at all,” I replied. “No, it’s been sad, Elmer.”

After talking to Blake, I stepped outside and took a seat on a bench. I thought about Jake, and how his eyes lit up every time he talked about his girlfriend. Sadly, she didn’t feel the same way and took advantage of his big heart. Jake has a lot to offer a woman, and hopefully, he’ll find one who appreciates him.

Ali moving wasn’t unexpected, and I wish her nothing but the best. I feel bad for Elizabeth and Amy who have grown fond of her, but life deals you turns like this, regardless of your age.

Chen Lau’s pitiful situation is the result of him not being able to accept that the woman he loves no longer loves him and never will again. He’s also discovered the limitations of money and what it can fix, which in the end is not much. I pray that my friend finally accepts that his life with his ex is over and he’ll move on and live a happy life

I then pondered mortality.

I’ve heard Blake talk about Pam Lanier, but never met her and have only seen her in one of their crazy college videos. She’s still a young woman who should have many years ahead of her, but that’s not how it’s going to play out. It’s brutally unfair and impossible to make sense of if you’re a believer. According to Blake, Pam is a kind-hearted woman who always gave of herself to help others. Now, she’s in the final stages of her life with three kids who are still young who’ll have to go on without her. Her husband, too, will have to do the same. I’ve quit trying to make sense of stuff like that because it only makes me bitter and question what the fuck is wrong with a world where people like Pam die young while assholes keep on breathing.

I then went to my room and hunkered down for the night.

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